Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners are ideal for cleaning the swimming pool and can save a lot of hard work. Some are good for large debris such as leaves and grass, while others are made to clean the water of small particulate that makes it cloudy.  More expensive cleaners do both, but what they all have in common is using up power.

So how can you keep that pool cleaner and save money? If your pool tends to have a lot of leaves and grass in it, the best thing to do is remove it before it gets to the pool, then you will be able to purchase the kind of cleaner that attends to the finer particulate.  This can save costs in power and in the kind of cleaner purchased.

  • Remove large trees and shrubs from the vicinity of the pool.
  • If they are not on your property, you won’t be able to do this, so instead, install a pool blanket and use it whenever you are not using the pool.
  • Be sure to prune and to remove dead leaves from the garden and path.
  • You may be able to use a roll of fly screen and anchor it around the edges of the pool.
  • Grass problems? Concrete a pathway to the pool so children don’t have to run across the lawn to access it.
  • Use a grass catcher when you mow so grass can’t blow into the pool.
  • Use a glass fence to help protect against wind-borne debris.
  • You may be able to add a garden wall to the side that the prevailing wind comes from, for more protection against debris as well as for privacy and wind protection for swimmers.

  • Teach your children to wear joggers to the pool and only take them off when inside the gate, where it’s paved.
  • Don’t have a garden close to the pool, even if it does look nice. In dry weather, dirt will blow into the water, so will leaves, flowers and other plant debris.
  • Test the water regularly and always maintain the correct chlorine levels and pH balance.
  • Run the filter often to clean out debris.
  • Empty the filter basket regularly
  • Get whoever uses the pool to swipe over the top with a pool scoop before they leave it for the day.

It’s important to inspect your grounds first to see where most of the debris is coming from. Also note what you find in the filter to see what is the main source of debris. Then you’ll be able to take more efficient steps to protect your pool from dirt and debris. Sometimes the answer to a cleaner pool can be quite simple and only need a minor adjustment, such as replanting a favourite shrub in another location.