Split System Air Conditioning

If you’ve decided to get air conditioning to help you cope with the heat of summer, a split system air conditioning unit might be just what the doctor ordered. For a start, it is easy to install in a home that is already built and it is reasonably priced. You can choose between cheaper models and more expensive ones, depending on your budget and needs.

If you live in a small flat, you wouldn’t need to have a large one, so the cost would be moderate. A larger home may need to have a larger model to cool it more effectively. There are many different models to choose from and within each brand, you get different sizes, so there is sure to be something that suits you with the wide range of units available.

You don’t need a lot of additional extras for this type of air conditioning. The most that is needed is a stable concrete slab for the outside unit to stand on. Any DIY handyman or woman can do this; just make sure you dig down into the ground a good depth and place gravel on the base before filling the hole with concrete. Use formwork to ensure it is an least a few centimetres higher than ground level so it doesn’t get submerged in heavy rain conditions.

If you are not into concrete work – the product is quite heavy – the installers will probably do it for you. If they don’t, they’ll arrange to have it done by a subcontractor, or you can do that part too, if you want. Just ask the installers what you need to do. There are many people out there who can do simple jobs like that.  The concrete slab must be level when it is finished.

When the air con installers come, they will look at your home to see where the best position for the inside unit is. This will usually be on an external wall in the living room, since that is the best spot for all the family to enjoy the cool temperature. However, you may intend to place it in a bedroom to keep you cool all night.

The unit will be installed high on the wall inside, then the pipes from it will go through a small hole in the wall and down to the outside unit. It will also need to have its own electrical outlet installed, which is why it takes an electrician to do it. Professional installers will usually come back to service the unit if you ask them to. In between visits, you will need to clean the filters. This is quite an easy job. You just have to pull down the front of the inside unit and take out the filters. They can be vacuumed or rinsed under the tap, then left to dry in the sun.