Why Does My Landscape Garden Keep Flooding?

Why Does My Landscape Garden Keep Flooding?

There can be few events in the world of landscaping that bring more gardeners closer to tears than them discovering that their garden has been flooded. This can occur on two timescales with one being a slow realization that water is rising within your garden, and you are seemingly helpless to do anything to stop it. The other is where it occurs suddenly where your garden has gone from your own little paradise, to what seems like a watery hell, overnight.

The first question most gardeners ask at this point is ‘Why me?’, and all we can do to answer that is say do not take it personally. In other words, whatever powers are at play with regards to the flooding, it was not aimed directly at you. Instead, and on a more practical level, your questions should be, ‘What is the cause?’, followed by, ‘How do I rectify it?’

We asked the experts at Landscaping Perth who first wanted to point out that although in many areas excessive rainfall can be a contributory factor, that is not going to apply to everyone, especially those who live in areas that have low rain fall. Also, downpours of rain tend to be sporadic, and so, if your garden is flooding when there is no rain, or the rainfall is what might be considered ‘normal’, then there is something else that is causing the issue.

Start Landscaping

5 Reasons to Start Landscaping Today

Have you had your fingers hovering over your local landscaping expert’s phone number, wondering if you should call them? Sure, your backyard’s lawn area is quite dull, but why do you need to landscape it? Isn’t it better to leave it as it is? No, it’s not, and here’s why.

Beneficial for Mental Health

When you add greenery, ponds, and trees to your backyard, you are creating a sanctuary that helps your mental health. Millions of people around the world battle depression, and having a slice of paradise in your backyard can be of assistance. Growing research shows that living near green areas can make you happier, whereas water promotes a Zen-like sense of calm.

Improves Your Property Value

Many things can enhance your home’s value before you sell it, and landscaping is near the top of the list. You don’t have to make significant changes, but a landscaping expert can get to work making slight changes that could add thousands to your sale price.

Landscape Design Experts

5 Reasons Why You Should Call in Landscape Design Experts

There are many things that don’t always require the help of an expert, such as changing a lightbulb or painting a fence. In the case of landscape design, however, you may like to consider getting a helping hand.

Landscaping is a big job, and if you don’t get the landscape design correct, the final result will not be anything to smile about either. Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why you should always call in the best landscape designers to fulfill your landscaping needs.

You are Selling Your Home

If you are putting your home on the market, then don’t neglect your landscaping. First impressions are important, and potential buyers may have already made up their mind as soon as they see your front door. Realtors also believe the return on your investment can be between 100 and 1,000 percent of what you put into landscaping. With these figures in mind, don’t you think it’s time to call in expert landscapers and get your yard looking in tip-top shape for the open homes?

You Have A Challenging Property

A challenging property can be one that’s small, large, or has challenging slopes or obstacles you have to be an expert to know how to fix. Rather than risk doing something that exacerbates the problem, call in the big guns. Landscapers know how to make small yards appear large, and big ones look more connected to your property. They can also work wonders with challenging elevation.

Garden for Whole Family

A Garden For The Whole Family

You may have the most elaborate landscaping garden design in your backyard, the best looking in the neighbourhood, but if it isn’t functional, then all that work may have been in vain. While we all love to have beautiful gardens with lush plants, if we have family then their needs should be taken into consideration as well. One way is to divide your garden into two or three visual interactive spaces:

  • one for play and relaxation
  • one for your garden
  • and maybe an area for pets.

For the kids, a large open space of lawn would be ideal. You can also use the area to place a table and chairs for outdoor lunches or a romantic summer evening dinner.

Your Firewood

Do you have a tile fire or even an open fire? You need a place in your backyard to store the firewood. It has to be properly set up at a reasonable distance from the house, and also it might attract unwanted animals, such as snakes, mice and even rats.

Mowing a Lawn

Is Mowing a Lawn a Science?

There’s nothing like the sound of a lawn mower starting up in the neighbourhood early in the morning. Well, maybe chainsaws at dawn would come close. We take mowing the lawn to be a simple task, and this is true. Clear the hose, the sprinkler, the kids’ toys, and the dog’s chewed bones, check the petrol, adjust the choke, and pull the cord, away you go. For the lawn care professional, there is a bit more involved.

It’s not just achieving a beautiful looking green carpet of freshly mown grass, but knowing what regular mowing does to the lawn and the overall health of the turf.

Two Considerations

If you look at the way in which we mow the lawn, only two factors come into play – the height at which we mow, and the frequency. That’s it. The only changes we can make are within these two parameters.

Landscape Design Business

6 Tips For Starting Up a Landscape Design Business

Many people have a great vision to start up their own business. Some do it successfully, others try and fail and yet more don’t even try.  If you are not happy in your work or work environment, starting up a business such as in landscape design if you are passionate about that, can be the right thing to do. And if you do it carefully you won’t be one of those who fail. Here are 6 tips to help you.Landscape Design

  • Have a vision and consider it carefully. You have to decide what area of your passion will suit you best. Is it just in design, or is it also in implementation? It could be that you prefer the hands on part, or just the actual designing of a landscape area. If the latter, you’d need to have employees or subcontractors that would follow your plans while you simply oversaw and directed.  If you just like to get your hands into the soil and plant things, you might be better off offering simple gardening services.
Choosing a Landscape Designer

Tips on Choosing a Landscape Designer

It’s not all that easy when it comes to choosing a landscape designer. There are so many designers and landscape companies out there that deciding on the right one might take you a bit of time.  Ask the right questions and you will be much better prepared to make the right decision.

You may have hired a landscaping company in the past, or this is your first time, then this information will save you some time and money.

1) Do you have a licence and insurance?

A reputable company should have at least a trade licence. Any company without the proper licences could present a potential liability issue for you. Insurance is a must when you have people working on your property. For their protection and yours.

 2) Is the price fixed or an estimate?

Any contractor can low ball a price to get the job. The trouble is that the price could be an estimate. You need to get a firm proposal outlining the services that will be provided and the work that will be done. An experienced and reputable landscaping company should have no problems providing a firm quote.

Once you are comfortable with their proposal, sign a contract and agree on the scope of work. Again, a legal document protects you and the contractor.