5 Tips For Keeping Your Rugs Clean And In Great Condition

Most people will be aware that professional carpet cleaning companies are experts in getting carpets cleaned. However, they are also who you should call when you have one or more rugs that need to be cleaned. Unfortunately, rugs often get forgotten about when people are cleaning their homes, and yet they are as much prone to many of the issues that carpets suffer from if they are not cleaned or maintained correctly.

What this can mean is a home with what seems like spotlessly clean carpets, and yet in locations throughout that home, some rugs look far from clean and, in the worst cases, show several signs of wear. This need not be the case if, when carpet cleaning, you also ensure your rugs are cleaned too.

Doubtless, you may have read several carpet cleaning articles with tips on how to clean carpets, including which carpet cleaner to use for specific stains. In truth, those same tips will often apply likewise to cleaning rugs, but there are also additional tips to cleaning rugs that you should be aware of. Here are five of them.

Rug Cleaning Tip #1 – Vacuum Rugs Daily

No article on carpet or rug cleaning would be complete without advice on vacuuming. The reason is simple, and that is because vacuuming is vital, not only to keep them clean but also to prolong their lifetime. With rugs, you have an advantage, as you can turn them over and vacuum on both sides, which is not the case with carpets. A great tip is to take your rugs outside and weigh them down on each corner with a rock or similar so that you can vacuum on full power.

Rug Cleaning Tip #2 – Take it Outside And Beat It

Even if you’re able to vacuum on full power, given that many rugs have a deep pile, this may still not be enough to remove all the debris from them, and that is especially the case with dust. Here is where you use an old-fashioned method which is to take the rug outside and hang it on a washing line or similar. Then, using a carpet beater, you beat the rug on both sides. You will be amazed at how much dust is still in the rug and is removed when you beat it.

Rug Cleaning Tip #3 – Know What You Can And Cannot Use To Clean It

You would be shocked at the number of rugs that have been ruined because their owner used carpet cleaner that was unsuitable for the material the rug was made from. So, avoid this problem by making a point of checking the cleaning label on the rug, which should tell you what materials it has been manufactured from. Then check what carpet cleaners can be used to clean it and which should be avoided at all costs.

Rug Cleaning Tip #4 – Opt For Machine Washable Rugs

Some might consider this more of a cheat than a tip, but we will include it anyway, as we are sure many of you reading will want to opt for this. What you do is purchase rugs that are designated as machine washable, and thus when they need cleaning, simply pop them into your washing machine. However, be aware that the level of choice you have will be severely limited compared to buying normal rugs, and the quality of these rugs may also be lower.

Rug Cleaning Tip #5 – Ask Your Professional Carpet Cleaners To Include Your Rugs

We have mentioned this previously, but so high is its importance that we wish to emphasise it. Professional carpet cleaners are experts in cleaning rugs, and if when you hire them to clean your carpets, you also ask them to clean your rugs, too, you can be certain they will do so to an extremely high standard. Professional carpet cleaning experts will also provide you with further advice on keeping your rugs clean moving forward.