Reception Area

While you may believe that you have done everything to make your business premises as clean as possible, by hiring a professional commercial cleaning company like Gleam Clean company, have you thought about your reception area? In many businesses, the reception area is almost an afterthought as other than the receptionists who work there, most other employees simply walk through it briefly.

However, your reception area is more often than not, the first impression many people have of your business. This could be prospective employees, potential clients, and if you are a large business, it could be directors visiting from head office. Think of how it will be if the first impression that any of them get is an unwelcoming, cluttered, and dingy reception area.

Here are some ways to reverse all of those negatives.

Consider The Aesthetics And Lighting

The last thing that you would one is to have your reception area looking dull and unattractive. Consider your options for attractive furniture and other items that can boost the overall aesthetics of your reception area. Consider buying benches and sofas that are not only pleasing to the eyes, but also comfortable for the guests.

Lighting in your reception area is also vitally important. You want it to create the right atmosphere, and this can be done in different ways. You could opt for bright white lighting especially if there are not a lot of windows. Alternatively opting for warmer coloured lighting can be very welcoming.

Remove Clutter

There should be a focus on not cluttering up the entire reception area with things that don’t really contribute to making a good first impression. In other words, be sure that there aren’t any items lying around that just end up cluttering the area, like having more furniture than required, or too many plants.

It’s important to make space for your visitors, so they can relax comfortably while they are waiting, especially if they have been travelling for some time. A reception area that is cluttered with boxes, office equipment and other items can give the impression that the business is disorganised

Is The Flooring Up To It?

The reception area is no doubt a highly trafficked area, whereby employees and customers come to and from the reception desks. With this being the case, it may mean that your reception flooring or carpeting requires regular sweeping, mopping, or hoovering.

It may also be worth investing in carpeting or flooring which is especially designed for high levels of traffic so that it stays looking good for longer rather than becoming frayed or damaged which is obviously not a great first impression.

Keep It Fresh

If your company’s premises are large and have areas and rooms with multiple purposes, there may be a risk that smells and odours from those areas start to creep through and into the reception area.

For example, the smells from the staff canteen might not immediately strike you as one which would be unpleasant. However, do you really want the first thing that visitors experience when they arrive to be the smell of onions. Even worse could be the smells coming from a manufacturing unit which uses chemicals, and the smell of those greeting visitors.

If you believe that there is a problem, seek advice from commercial cleaning experts who can advise you on ways to eliminate these smells and ways in which to give your reception area a pleasant and fresh aroma of its own.