Installing a Gazebo

Unlike an attached verandah or patios a gazebo is a free standing structure this means it is not attached to the house, not that it is not attached to anything else. Unless you want to risk it blowing over, it is a good idea to ensure it is attached to something firmly, even if that is the ground on which it stands. Here are 5 things to check up on before you go ahead and build that gazebo.Installing a Gazebo

  • Check the drainage to ensure that the spot you have chosen does not become a pool of water during rainy times. It could be that the lay of the land means it is a natural watercourse or pool. It is also important to find out what kind of soil you have. Some soils hold water while others form a good foundation that drains freely.

  • If you intend to dig into the soil for the support beams of your gazebo it is wise to contact the council first. You don’t want to cut off power or phone lines or ruin the plumbing or any gas lines that may have been installed in the area – or any drainage pipes. Cutting off pipes or cables can be an expensive business. Happily, it’s a free service to find out where they
  • Find out what your local council building regulations are. Otherwise you could be in for an expensive fine and have to pull down the gazebo to boot! Once you know where you stand you can go ahead and build with peace of mind.

  • The local zoning laws may also have something to say about your gazebo. There could be a height or size limit, or there could be easements on your property that should not be built on. Another restriction could be the distance the structure has to be set back from the front boundary. All these things can limit where your gazebo can be placed.
  • You may also need to consult with your neighbours about the placement of the gazebo. Some people don’t like to have such a structure right up against the boundary fence. Or if it blocks their nice view, they could complain about it. Even if they have no say about it, it’s a nice gesture that shows respect to at least let them know what you intend to do. Just the act of informing them can often ease friction.

It may seem like a pain, but taking care of these five issues before building your gazebo will ensure that you can solve any problems before they happen and then your plans for that lovely gazebo can go ahead without anything to spoil your joy – or adding to the cost of it.