Timber Flooring

Hidden Treasures – Timber Flooring

Many years ago, in the 1980’s it was, I purchased my first home in Western Australia. The suburb was up in the Hills area – Greenmount. It was an old timber home, constructed probably circa 1950’s or a tad earlier. One of the main reasons for buying that home was the view. It had spectacular, uninhibited views over Perth. All the floors were jarrah timber flooring. But do you know what? They had all been carpeted over and in the kitchen, believe it or not, they had laid ceramic floor tiles over the jarrah floorboards.

The house even had a name: York House, as it was built on Old York Road. We lived in that home for the next 13 years, raising a family and making home improvements almost every weekend. The yard was half an acre of clay and unforgiving granite boulders. As I played football, the gardening served as a secondary way to keep fit!