Carpet Cleaning Myths

6 Carpet Cleaning Myths Exposed

Most homeowners choose carpet as a floor covering for at least some rooms. It is increasingly popular for bedrooms but is also used in the lounge or family room. Carpet is ideal for a home with toddlers as it makes a soft landing when they are learning to walk, which is much better for them than falling on hard tiles. A carpet cleaner should be booked regularly.

When you have carpet, it needs to be cleaned to remain hygienic.  You may have heard a great deal of conflicting advice about carpet cleaning and maintenance, so here are six myths exposed to ensure you deal with your carpet in the correct way.

1. If the carpet looks clean, it doesn’t need a professional carpet cleaning treatment. This is not true. Most dirt and dust fall to the bottom of the carpet fibres, so you can’t see it. A carpet that is only a year old may be pretty dirty and need cleaning by a professional.