Shade Sails

Many homes have a courtyard area surrounded by the brick walls or other homes or by a high fence for privacy. Often, it is the only space the residents have to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Unfortunately, in a hot climate the courtyard is often too hot to sit in, or even grow plants in. According to the experts Shade Sails Perth, one way to make it cooler is by installing shade sails.Shade Sails

Sails make a pleasant shady area for everyone to enjoy and they screen out around 98% of those harmful UV rays.  And because they are up high there is enough room that the breeze can get underneath them and help to cool the area even more.  Instead of having the hot sunlight pouring down into your confined space, there will be shade, so you’ll get much more use from this small alfresco area.

The children will enjoy playing outside and you can sit there with your cold drink and watch over them without worrying about their tender skin suffering sunburn.  Adding a blow up swimming pool for them to paddle and play in will certainly help to keep them and the area cooler.

It will also be possible to grow more plants in the area, once it is cool enough.  Instead of plants that do well in full sun and hot weather, it will be possible to grow a few shade lovers that add something special and different to an area that is used to a lot of sun.  Adding greenery in the form of shrubs and flowers in pots or small gardens will enhance the space and add to the coolness.

Another benefit of using a sail is that it will also throw shade onto the walls of your home, helping to make it cooler.  It may even protect from the glare of the setting or rising sun, depending on which side of the house it is installed.  If glare is a problem, choosing a darker colour shade cloth will help; if there is no worry about the glare, or if the walls surrounding the courtyard are quite close and tend to make the area a bit dark, choose a shade cloth colour that is very light.

Many people think to save on the costs by installing the sail themselves, however if it has to be attached to a wall you need to follow instructions carefully. Attaching it too close to the top of a brick wall can cause structural problems due to the constant weight of the sail pulling on it. For this reason it is better to have the installation done by the experts who have had a great deal of experience and know exactly what is needed to keep your home safe from damage.