Banishing Smells

Banishing Smells in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Getting Rid of Kitchen and Bathroom Smells

Is there a bad odour coming from your sink? Does it seem stronger after washing the dishes? What about at different times through the day? Not only is a stinky sink unpleasant, it can also affect the health of your family. The fastest and easiest way to attend to the problem is by calling your local plumber.

The reasons your sink smells

When you wash your dishes, pots, pans and cutlery, food debris is being flushed down the sink. Regardless of what’s on your dishes, and even though you may have scraped leftovers into the garbage, you still get grease, vegie scraps and fat residue. The water just takes it from the dishes into your drain. This can cause many future problems.

Your drain can be clogged by particles and food scraps. When you wash fats into the drain, they solidify once the water turns cold. Fat just sticks to the sides of the drain pipe and whatever is in it starts to rot. It’s not only the drain pipe, but blockages occur in the trap as well.

Your Bathroom Drains

In the case of the the outlets in your bathtub, your toilet or the basin, it’s usually a problem with the trap. It’s the ‘S’ bend in your pipe prevents sewage smells coming into the house. Another problem might be the seal around the toilet pedestal is cracked.

Any problems with leaky or dry traps in the bathroom should be fixed immediately, otherwise the house is going to have a lot of unpleasant odours. This can cause health problems as well. A plumber has the appropriate tools to unclog drains filled with hair, skin particles and soap.